Amy Clay (Wells)

Amy is an international yoga teacher and the proud owner of Amy’s Ashram and of Feel Fab Detox retreats.



I traveled to India at the age of 20 (2004) to study with a group of Sivananda teachers in Neyyar Dam Ashram.  The teacher training leader was called Prolaub he changed my life and taught me some seriously magical yoga practices.  Sivananda Yoga is hatha based.

Calm Kids Yoga

At 25 years old I spent an insightful & exciting weekend training with Christiane Kerr the creator of Calm Kids Yoga. 


I spent the year of 2012 training with har Har Ji in Yorkshire.  She taught me the practices of Kundalini which are very contrasting to that I had leant in the Sivananda Ashram.  As part of this amazing training I would spend 2.5 hours most mornings practicing Kundalni yoga kryias and meditations.  This yoga style is deep and extremely healing.  I learnt a lot about myself – my strengths, weaknesses and bringing some BIG awareness to my spiritual journey.

I love attending workshops with Hari Har Ji.  My favourite Kundalini teacher Gurmukh who travels the world teaching people. She comes to London once a year and I do my best to get to her yoga workshops.  She is a total LEGEND!

Hot Yoga

In 2011 I became very interested in Hot Yoga and how it made me feel.  I found a hot yoga teacher – Seb.  Seb has a beautiful studio in Ibiza and he is Bikram trained. We started to bring our clients to him on detox yoga retreats (Feel Fab Detox Yoga Retreats).  We have been working and practicing with Seb ever since.

In 2013 I met Jozef Wiewel who is my Hot Yoga teacher trainer.  I completed my teacher training with him in Autumn 2013.  His outlook on Hot Yoga is quite radical and I am very much inspired by his teachings.  He teaches from LOVE.

In 2016 I took a Vinyasa teacher training course with Tony Sanchez.  Tony Sanchez is a master hot yogi.


It is my passion and devotion to share with people a connection back to the universe.  What an utter pleasure and learning experience it has been to meet every single person that has been to one of the yoga sessions I have held over the last 11 years.


Feel Fab

Feel Fab holds yearly retreats in Ibiza.

We are currently organising two European retreats this summer 2017 and we have Cape Town and Goa on the cards for 2018.