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Amy’s Ashram Opening Party 2014

The Opening Party will begin on Friday 14th November and run all through the weekend.  You are welcome to come to one or all of the yoga classes we are running this weekend.  I am collaborating with my yoga friends to deliver you a weekend of beautiful yoga for you, your friends and your family.

Who is the opening party for?

Everyone is invited and all the sessions are for beginners through to practiced yogis.  However you must reserve your space on our easy to use booking system.  You can do this online here or use MINDBODY CONNECT mobile phone app.

Well behaved children are welcome to attend all the yoga sessions however the Hot Yoga sessions are not advised for under 16 year olds.


The Big Yoga Plan


5.00pm Parents & Kids Yoga Session

This session will be with me (Amy) and we will do some really fun yoga poses where you and your child will work together, have some fun and relax together.

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6.00pm Hot Toasty Soup

Yummy…. bring a coat and a wooly hat because we are going to light our outside fire.  We will sup our soup by the fire and feel the energy of the autumn night.

7.00pm Power Yoga

Be prepared to connect to your body.  Sun salutes, Pranayama and building heat in the muscles.

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8.00pm Curry & Chai Tea

Cosy up by the outside fire and warm your belly with some simple curry and magical chai tea.

8.30pm Kundalini Yoga

Set your dreams alight during this beautiful yoga session.  Get ready to shift negativity and move into a lighter sense of being.  Go home and wake on Saturday feeling connected to yourself and your life.

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9.30am Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is amazing for your body.  We gently move through 26 different yoga postures working hand in hand with your breath.  You will sweat so make sure you wear light weight clothing.

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11.15am Feel Fab Sparkle Juice

The sparkle juice will fill you up for an early lunch or a late breakfast.  Pinnapple, limes, apple, cucumber, celery, avocado and spirulina.

12.00pm Yoga with Matthew Newsome

Matthew will lead Transformational Yoga, which is an integral class inspired by Sri Aurobindo to purify and activates not only the physical body but also the pranic (energetic), mental and psychic bodies using sound activation, breathwork and Asana.  This is a class not to be missed!

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1.30pm Green Lemonade Juice

Freshen up and feel VERY alive after sucking up a zingtastic green lemonade before we move into a kunadalini experience.

2.00pm Kundalini Yoga with Nina Hartley

This Kundalini yoga session will take you on a journey to light up and strengthen your Electromagnetic Field.  We all have a field of electromagnetism called the Aura.  The Aura is the eighth chakra and we can use yoga techniques to build the expansiveness of our aura.  When our aura is strong we feel vibrancy which defends us from disease, protects us from negative environmental energies and also projects wellbeing back into nature.  Wear comfy clothes and some warm socks.

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4.30am Sadhana

Yes 4.30am!! hahahah! Sadhana is an early morning Kundalini yoga practice.  The reason we get up so early is to catch the magical energies in the universe as the earth moves from night to day.  Honestly this is definitely something you should try!  It is very wonderful!

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7.30am Porridge and Yogi Tea

After Sadhana we celebrate and enjoy the morning energy with breakfast.  The porridge will be made with almond milk and served with a jar of honey for you to add in your own level of sweetness.

9.30am Hot Yoga

A great combination with the morning Sadhana or the Mindful Meditation after with Leon.  Hot Yoga is recommended if you have a tight, weak or aching body.  The practice will tone you up and bring freedom to your joints and health to all your systems.

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12.00pm Mindfulness Meditation with Leon Moore

Whether you are interested in mindfulness meditation for dealing with the increasingly common problems of stress, anxiety, and depression, or simply want to promote a more peaceful, vibrant and healthy life, Leon’s session will provide an introduction to the foundations of a mindfulness practice.

I met Leon at an ashram in India in 2003 after only a few moments of meeting each other we realised we were from the same part of the world – fantastic!  He has always been an inspiration to me.  Bring on this beautiful meditation session.

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2.00pm Healthy Cake and Hot Cocoa Almond Milk

Nom Nom NOM!!! Snuggle in a blanket or stand outside by the fire and feel the peace of your practice as we nibble on cake and cosy in with the Hot Choc!