Welcome to Amy’s Ashram Studio

The whole experience at Amy’s Ashram is a journey into relaxation, health and wellbeing.  Come play and chill out!
The Studio has been built with Hot Yoga at the forefront with a specific heating system to get the heat and humidity every hot yogi is hunting for.  The studio is highly insulated ensuring we can be as eco as possible.

It is a perfect studio for meditation, kitted out with sheepskins, yoga mats and props for you to borrow.  There are mirrors on the walls to help out with aligment and a heated floor to keep the drafts away during our moments of stillness.

A space for community, all yoga forms, and contemplation.  If you want to lose weight, de stress, recover, reach your potential and create an abundance of positivity – book in for a group class or a private one – one with Amy or one of the team.

Amy’s Ashram studio is next door to Amy’s house. The studio is fantastic for workshop weekends when you are invited into our home for somewhere to sleep over if you are coming from out of Sheffield. It is also a super space to have yoga suppers and parties.

We do have a shower here at Amy’s Ashram Studio and there are shower towels available to rent.

Ecclesall woods is across the road from the studio .  If you have time after class it is perfect for a post yoga reflection/ energising walk.

Amy’s Ashram is an inspirational home for sacred happy yoga lifestyles.

Amy’s Ashram Mission

To create an ever changing beautiful, calming and trendy space to allow people to explore themselves through love.

Amy’s Ashram Ashram Values

  • Teach with love, honsety and kindness from my heart
  • Simplicity
  • Live and share with total gratiude

“The meaning of life,” the Master explained, “is to gather Light and to take it where it’s needed the most. Your purpose is to capture some Light and take it to some dark place in the world.”

“5 years ago I had a vision to have a small successful yoga studio in which I can really offer a personal experience to you”



Amy Wells Hot Yoga Sheffield