Warm Hatha

Good old Hatha yoga…… ok yea yea… all yoga comes from Hatha Yoga but what you are invited to experience here is an abundance of letting go.  Each class will be an incredible journey into the self.  The sequence of Asanas (postures) with Pranayama (breath) will evoke strength and flexibility, intertwined with moments of nuture (yin postures) and meditation.  This style is for everybody I even invite children on special occasions to come and move with us on the mat.   I probably will have an awesome class theme BUT I usually never preplan classes because I have to see and sense the energy of everyone in the room.  This is where I feel the magic of  teaching yoga comes through me for you.  I reckon you should expect an organically created  session with total a focus on you.  AND!! The room will be nice and warm so you can RELAX and move into your body!


– Release Stress
– Calm the Mind & Nervous System
– Help You Sleep Better
– Body Awareness
– Body Tone & Good Posture
– Positivity


– Calm the mind and nervous system
– Work into the body to release tension
– Alignment & Modifications
– Restorative


– A warm room to help your body relax
– Props: Blankets, Blocks & Straps
– Music

 Who is it for?

– Beginners
– Recovering from Injury or trauma
– Over 60s