Saul and I got married nearly a week ago in IBIZA the island of love and sparkly blue sea. our friends and family came to celebrate with us and we had just so much fun!!!  The night before the wedding we had a heart opening yoga meditation with all our guests as the sunset on the beach.  We all learnt to sing THE LONG TIME SUN a very beautiful yoga song and the next day we sang it all together for the wedding ceremony.

It was a beautiful day! I got to ride to the beach in a hippy car! so so amazing!  HUSBAND AND WIFE xxxxx Thank you universe x x 10636208_10152702302143252_4053135531791452775_n 10377364_10100943175486172_3432608642376770592_n 10437718_10154585570340117_5836046453588835962_n 10580246_10100815201498695_2541294745539716839_n 10689779_10154538437565231_5047457470742965484_n