Kundalini yoga was brought to the West by the infamous Yogi Bhajan (you will see a photo of him on the slider above).  He is a total legend and I highly recommend you read about him.  This yoga is very different to most other yoga styles.  Leave your ego outside, come chill out, connect and let go through moving, chanting, meditating and relaxation.  There is no doubt a class will change your perspective and leave you feeling in a space where you become proactive about how you want to live your life.  Kundalini Yoga brings emotional healing and a beautiful journey of spiritual evolvement.  Kundalini Yoga Classes Sheffield is becoming very popular which is fantastic news.

Sat Nam


– Neutral mind
– Emotional Healing
– Opens your heart
– Connect to your soul
– Understand yourself


– Spritual
– Chanting
– Meditation
– Kryias


– Candle light
– Cosy Blankets
– Music
– Sheepskins

Who is it for?

– Everyone