Why not wake up early before the sun starts to rise and enter into a Kundalini cosmic world of connection?  Sadhana is totally up there on the list of ‘spiritual’ experiences.  It is highly recommended to come and try it out.   If you are really struggling in life, relationships, work or simply looking for something ‘missing’ Sadhana is a great space to come and nourish your soul.  You will find the answers within yourself and learn to trust yourself.  Because we practice in the quiet and early hours of dawn we are able to communicate with ourselves on a higher level.  A sadhana is traditionally a personal practice but in Kundalini we come together as a group as often as possible.  A group sadhana creates a healing energy and also community within our area.

Usually a Sadhana goes a little bit like this….

Reading a spiritual text called the Jap Ji (this is full of truth and insight into todays world – very cool) , then we open the space and start to move our bodies and breath through what is called a KRIYA (a sequence of movements for a specific outcome).  After the Kriya we relax and move into chanting and meditate for an hour.  

This experience is free of charge all I ask for is a (£2.50) donation to charity to keep the energy of creativity moving through the studio.

There will be sadhana’s at Amy’s Ashram on the following dates :

26th February 2017
19th March 2017
9th April 2017


5.30am – 8.00am


– Connection to universe
– Meditation
– Life changing
– Clear Mind
– Big heart
– Focused boundaries
– Make more time in your life


– Spiritual
– Chanting
– Kundalini Kyrias


– Candles
– Blankets
– Sheepskins
– Music

Who is it for?

– Anyone looking for answers