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I feel that being a yoga teacher was always in my story – I just hadn’t got to that page yet.

The Prequel -I have been a student of yoga  for over 16  years, I came to the practice in my late 20s studying ashtanga based Yoga with Peter Gill and Ali Madden . The physically demanding powerful flowing style was very attractive to me at that time in my life and I really enjoyed the physical challenges it presented.

Following the birth of my son and owning and working in a busy gift shop, the process of juggling and balancing family work personal pursuits became more difficult. My yoga classes then became more about the sense of mental quietude that provided an opportunity to really focus on taking time out for myself , my body, my breath , and in doing so create an oasis of space.

When my teacher decided to take a break and close her class I physically and mentally fell apart for a while there- (it also coincided with a time of huge personal stress)

I came across a class at my local wellness centre which happened to be a minded hatha yoga class held by  Shaura Hall , and in all honesty I found it really slow and somewhat difficult  for the  first couple of sessions, but having committed to a block of classes decided to persevere. I also realized that the difficulties I was experiencing were to do with the quietness and pace of the practice- and that it was clearly an area I needed to work on as I found it so challenging.

I particularly remember the class in which I heard the words “I am home I am safe the healing has already begun” and the tears leaking out of me and my whole body reacting to the practice I had just done and feeling completely released. Looking back, I realise I was in a state of extreme burnout and had been operating in a state of survival mode for years.

When the opportunity to take a teacher training in association with Minded Institute and Shaura arose

It coincided with other areas in my life aligning and allowing me the chance space and time to embrace the 220 Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2016.

As with all transformational experiences the process was not all rainbows and butterflies, but having consolidated and integrated the process I’m super grateful that I took the bull by the horns and jumped on its back . It’s been a wild ride

My personal experiences with burnout and stress have been really useful in distilling how and what I teach and where I want to progress and explore further training

I firmly believe that the most important part of the practice is learning how to take care of yourself. To learn to ask questions of yourself, to get to know YOU, to trust yourself and your process where ever you are and to do your own work. I also feel that it’s super important to approach the practice from a whole body perspective, to work compassionately with your breath, body mind ,heart  and soul  in whatever way that means to you.

I’m still drawn to powerful movement and to working deeply , but personally I no longer approach the practice bullishly relying on momentum to carry me into through and out  of the poses.  Lets just say I’m in a new chapter of exploration and I’m enjoying the story as it un folds…


“I’m a sparkle addict and Yoga geek , whose classes are powerful, playful and heartfelt. Focusing on calming the mind and body to leave you feeling stronger and freer , my hope is that you step off  your mat feeling refreshed,  nourished and balanced.

xoxo Muna xoxo