Which Yoga style for me?

yoga styleHave a look at all the different types of yoga on offer at Amy’s Ashram.  Each yoga style will evoke something different in you.  Read about them and then come along and try them out!  Now whichever style you choose it is very important to approach each class with an open mind and make sure your body is always comfortable in any yoga posture you arrive in.  Love and care for you and everthing else will fall into place.

Make sure you check out the Studio Etiquette and also the FAQ’s Page

I love to mix up my practice with a yin and yang approach so somedays will be softer and nuturing and others more energetic and grounding.  Moving and connecting through my breath brings a magical perspective into the present moment.  The more you become intune with your energy through yoga you will feel what is right for you day to day…..  Love Amy xxxxxxxx